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Accessories Diary: Veteran Shoppers

Viva the Diva models a Love Knot collar that benefits ARF.
Veteran Shoppers
By Alison Minton

November 11th, Veteran’s Day, was an extremely busy night for events.  I raced up and down the Upper East Side popping into four store parties in three hours, tracking trends in accessories as New York’s ultra chic ladies partied for charity.

Badgley Mischka hosted a cocktail party in honor of The New York Botanical Garden’s Winter Wonderland Ball; Lisa Jackson celebrated the opening of her new jewelry boutique, LJ Cross, with a night to benefit the Parrish Art Museum; Elaine Turner celebrated the first anniversary of the Madison Ave boutique with a style ambassador party and designer Jackie Rogers hosted a night of fashion to benefit the Animal Rescue Fund’s 40th anniversary.

Allyson Longshore wore a turquoise cuff bracelet that was handmade in Morocco.
The three major trends of the night seen on revelers across the various stores were 1. large statement necklaces that are getting larger and morphing into bib necklaces; 2. pendant necklaces with medallions and/or charms; and 3. turquoise.

Turquoise was the biggest surprise given that it is usually a summer staple that hibernates in jewelry boxes during the cooler months, but women are obviously now wearing it well into Fall and stores are selling it this season as well.

Long synonymous with Southwestern style, the color turquoise (as well as the stone) is part of the Southwestern color palate of sand, beige, rust and chocolate brown all of which are also Northeastern Fall colors, so perhaps women have finally decided to incorporate turquoise into the mix east of the Rockies year round. 

I love turquoise in all its variations of blue and green and was happy to see Allyson Longshore and Margot Takian wearing it and the Elaine Turner store selling it. Elaine is, after all, a Texan who sells Texas Glam in NYC.
Margot Takian modeled an Elaine Turner reversible turquoise Alyce necklace.
Margot's necklace can be turned around to reveal a faux tortoise bar.
Statement necklaces are still going strong, many with floral embellishments, but Fall themed florals not lightweight Spring pastels. Heather Gries’, Heather Medeiros’, Lisa Walsh’s and Debora Staley’s necklaces were Fall appropriate with dark stones, metallic blossoms and Summer’s over off-white and cream. 
Heather Gries wore a colorful statement necklace.
Heather Medeiros, a Badgley Mischka account executive, was wearing a striking Badgley Mischka necklace of gold flowers that is available at the store.
Lisa Walsh, Director of Sales for Bagdley Mischka, wore a Banana Republic floral statement necklace in creamy hues of vanilla and ivory.
Debora Staley's large flower pendant necklace was from Marni.
Debora's floral diamond ring was LJ Cross.
The new variant of the statement necklace is the bib necklace with some almost as large as a breastplate. Emma J. P. Goergen’s covered most of the bodice of her dress and transformed it from a day look into cocktail attire.
Emma J.P. Goergen wore a statement bib necklace by Rose Anne de Pampelonne.
If big, bold and formal is not your style, the long, lean, more casual pendant necklace now in vogue may be just perfect. Whether decorated with personalized charms, like Melanie Seymour Holland’s, a symbol of faith like Quinn Jackson’s, or the vintage variety like Kathy Prounis’ and Karen Klopp’s, these necklaces on long chains evoke the style of '70’s era charm holder necklaces and pendant necklaces that represented individualistic style.
Melanie Seymour Holland wore two charm necklaces from Sequin. This one with feather and elephant charms.
Melanie's second necklace had snake, forrest and sparkly disc charms.
Quinn Jackson wore a diamond cobblestone cross designed by her mom, and store proprietor, Lisa Jackson.
Kathy Prounis wore a vintage Chanel medallion pendant necklace that had a surprise feature on the back.
The reverse side of Kathy's Chanel medallion is a mirror. (My hand is being reflected as I take the photo.)
Karen Klopp wore a pendant necklace with vintage French horse and locket charms.
And speaking of unique style, a few other notable accessories that caught my eye on this particular night were Danielle Levine’s cool temporary tattoo bracelet, Julie Leong’s inspirational clutch, Rosemary Ponzo’s feathery headpiece, and Jackie Rogers’ Love Knot collars for humans and canines, modeled by her adorable rescue dog Viva the Diva, whose personal style stole my heart.
Danielle Levine's bracelet was actually a wearable art tatoo from designer Lulu DK.
VP of Public Relations for KVDNYC Julie Leong holding an LJ Cross clutch bag adorned with a diamond cobblestone cross.
Rosemary Ponzo's feathery headpiece was her own design.
Designer Jackie Rogers holding her adopted dogs, Viva the Diva and Lovey.

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