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This is a picture of yours truly with Bette Midler that failed to make it into yesterday's column. Bette and I will be together tonight at the Waldorf celebrating in her Hulaween benefit. Believe me, our costumes won't look like this. Bette is taking a lot of trouble with hers. I will appear as myself — a lost cowgirl.
Friday, October 31, 2014
by Liz Smith

Even if Nobody Else Does, I Welcome Taylor Swift to New York City! ... Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren — the only Democratic Ticket that Makes Sense? (Can Win!) ... "American Gigolo" The TV Series? ... Fashion and Society Will Stop on Monday, Saying Farewell to Oscar de la Renta.

is no hope even that woman, with her right to vote, will ever purify politics,” said Emma Goldman, American anarchist.
PEOPLE ARE talking about the very real emergence of Jeb Bush and then, Elizabeth Warren, as competitive front-runners for the 2016 presidential election.

Some want to remount the old Bush magic, even though silver-haired Barbara Bush says her family should be given a rest. But Jeb appears as the rare GOP strong suit.

Some see Elizabeth Warren as a suitable choice if Hillary decides not to run for the Democrats.

Wishful thinkers and women’s rights activists dream on. They see a Democratic ticket with Hillary choosing Ms. Warren as her vice-presidential running mate.
Wishful thinking — Elizabeth Warren and Hillary.
Taylor Swift on “Good Morning America."
PUH-LEEZE! What’s not to love about Taylor Swift, now having agreed to be New York’s “ambassador” and donating all profits from her No. 1 hit single to New York City schools?

I know Taylor and her devoted mother and they are upstanding, generous human beings. In the world of today’s music, they represent a peak of civilized old-fashioned behavior.

Who really cares if a talented singer writes some songs that seem to attack discarded boyfriends? Who cares if she has other homes, in Nashville, for instance. Most New Yorkers are from somewhere else.

Honestly, truly, sometimes no good deed goes unpunished.

P.S. Taylor’s fans slept overnight in Times Square, awaiting her live performance for “Good Morning America” Thursday a.m. They are all very happy to welcome her to Manhattan, curmudgeons notwithstanding.
“A COUNTRY without bordellos is like a house without bathrooms,” said Marlene Dietrich — always pragmatic under the glamour.
Early Dietrich — looking very much the bordello occupant — in "The Blue Angel."
Speaking of prostitution, how unsurprising that Paramount TV and Jerry Bruckheimer are mulling a small screen series based on the 1980 feature film, “American Gigolo”? I say unsurprising because — what took them so long? This material is perfect for our time. There have already been “reality” shows that focused on male and female escorts, why not film the life attractively pretty people and slutty/sleazy/psycho  plotlines? We've Come a long way from "Leave It To Beaver," after all.
Gere and Hutton in "American Gigolo"---She Loved Him Despite His Day and Night Job.
Paul Schrader, who directed Richard Gere and Lauren Hutton in the original, will be on board as an executive consultant. Maybe it’ll be glossy fun. Nothing will ever have the impact of the movie, however. The way Gere looked — those Armani suits. The way Hutton looked! The music by Giorgio Moroder. And one of the first male frontal nudes, courtesy of Mr. Gere. (Heavily shadowed, but there it was.)

Everybody was so shocked. It is to laugh nostalgically today.
LAUNCHING this very night is best-selling author Brad Meltzer’s “Lost History” on the History Channel at 10 p.m. EST, making the most of Halloween. This new show is a search for America’s most valuable lost or stolen historical artifacts. What does the Ground Zero flag from 9/11 have in common with the original Wright Brothers flying machine patent? Both are historically important items for the United States ... and both are missing!
THE FAMILY of the late conductor Lorin Maazel will hold a celebration of his life and work today at the New York Society for Ethical Culture (2 West 64th Street.) Maazel was the music director of the New York Philharmonic from 2003-2010. He worked in almost all the world’s leading orchestras, and was also a celebrated violinist — making his debut at age 11. Sir James Galway and Wynton Marsalis will be among the performers honoring Maazel. To attend call 646-405-4936.
SAYING GOODBYE to Oscar de la Renta next Monday at St. Ignatius Church must be putting the entire fashion and social world on hold.

This was a great guy who laughed and charmed his way through years of hard work and his own magnificent talent. Those who knew him will miss him so much and those inspired by him are lucky.

Oscar was named a “Living Landmark” a few years ago by the New York Conservancy. None other than Anna Wintour of Conde Nast did the honors.

Oscar just loved it!
IF you want to be "with it" these days, don't forget to sue if somebody —

Looks at you crooked ...
Calls you a nasty or unflattering name ...
Protects his or herself from you ...
Doesn't protect themselves from you ...
Crosses the street with the light ...
Doesn't cross with the light ...
Cuts you off ...
Does absolutely anything you don't happen to like ...

Please be sure to sue to keep all the lawyers, who aren't busy over Internet stuff, in business.

As with the dubious drugs being over-advertised everywhere, followed by warning disclaimers that would offend or scare to death any thinking individual — THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE COME TO!

If anything displeases you, please don't overlook it, rise above it, consider the source and go about your business ignoring nastiness — by all means sue somebody.

Keep the law schools open!

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