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End of summer song

This past Saturday in Watermill, they held The Last Song of Summer, the 3rd Annual Watermill Benefit Concert and raised approximately $200,000 for the Watermill Center’s year-round international artist residencies and education programs. The sold out concert, with more 600 in the audience featured a performance by Rufus Wainwright with his special guest Australian pop-superstar, Kylie Minogue. 
The concert was created as a smaller and more casual counterpart to The Watermill Center’s famous summer gala dinner that always takes place at the end of July. The concert began with a set by Krystle Warren that included Central Park and Circles with Thomas Bartlett on piano.  

Rufus Wainwright took the stage next with a set that featured the following songs: "Grey Gardens" (dedicated to Kylie), "Who are you New York" from his latest studio album “Songs for Lulu: All Days are Nights and Sonnet No. 20 from a collaboration with Watermill Center founder Robert Wilson.” 
Kylie Minouge, Rufus Wainwright
Kylie Minouge and Rufus Wainwright
Rufus Wainwright
Rufus Wainwright
Krystle Warren
Krystle Warren
Then Rufus invited Kylie Minogue and a four piece band and full back up chorus to the stage. They performed Kylie's current single "All the Lovers", her older hit "Love At First Sight", Elton John's "Don’t Go Breaking My Heart", the Broadway classic "If I Loved You" from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Carrousel. As an encore they sang together Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" and "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" which got the entire audience up on their feet and wildly dancing and applauding. Rufus closed with "Somewhere over the Rainbow" accompanied by his aunt Jane McGarrigle dedicated to his late mother, Kate McGarrigle.
Many guests were seated picnic style on large custom made beach towels provided in gift bags provided by Chanel. Included in the gift bags were bottles of Chanel’s newest men's fragrance Bleu.
Lisa Anastos, Christine Schwarzman, Stephen Schwarzman
Lisa Anastos with Christine and Stephen Schwarzman
Guests included Anjelica Huston, Mark Ronson, Klaus Biesenbach, Stephen and Christine Schwarzman, Andrey Bartenev, Ron and Amy Guttman, Roger Ferris, Jackie Rogers, Beth Swofford and Lisa de Kooning along with event co-chairs Lisa Anastos, Valerie Boster, Martin Dawson, Amanda Hearst, Shamim M. Momin, Dalia Oberlander. Watermill's managing and creative director Jorn Weisbrodt was the afternoon's emcee.
Sotheby’s provided additional support. Beverages were generously provided by: Maker’s Mark, Svedka Vodka, Peroni, Izze Sparkling Juice, and VOSS artesian water from Norway. Olivier Cheng Catering & Events provided complimentary snacks for guests.
Musicians and Backup Singers: Brad Albetta, Thomas Bartlett, Oren Bredow, Shazad Ismaily, Jane McGarrigle, Anna McGarrigle, Lily Lanken. The piano was provided by Steinway & Sons.
DJ Rachel Chandler spun before and after the concert for the guests. 
For the after concert backstage meet and greet, champagne was provided by Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial.
DJ Rachel Chandler
DJ Rachel Chandler
Claude Savard, Karl Perquy
Claude Savard and Karl Perquy
Klaus Biesenbach, Matthew Ludwinski
Klaus Biesenbach and Matthew Ludwinski
Jorn Weisbrodt, Karin Dauche, Roger Ferris, Massimo Tassan-Solet
Jorn Weisbrodt, Karin Dauche, Roger Ferris, and Massimo Tassan-Solet
Mattias Santa Cruz, Cecilia Santa Cruz
Mattias and Cecilia Santa Cruz
Adam Rio, Eric Alger
Adam Rio and Eric Alger
JP Moncayo, Tomas Medina, William Lange
JP Moncayo, Tomas Medina, and William Lange
Amy Guttman, Ronald Guttman
Amy and Ronald Guttman
Michael Tait, Anne Tait
Michael and Anne Tait
Richard Christiansen, Allison ?, Lorenzo Martone
Richard Christiansen and Lorenzo Martone with a friend
Dalia Oberlander, Nick Brown
Dalia Oberlander and Nick Brown
Bruce Horten, Jane Robinson
Bruce Horten and Jane Robinson
Elizabeth Kovac, Fred Pescatore, David Ganz, Ulli Lindauer, Christine Dagousset
Elizabeth Kovac, Fred Pescatore, David Ganz, Ulli Lindauer, and Christine Dagousset
Gillian Steinhardt, Dmitry Komis, Maayan Zilberman
Gillian Steinhardt, Dmitry Komis, and Maayan Zilberman
Alexandra Lerman, Lika Giggels
Alexandra Lerman and Lika Giggels
Marianna Levine, Elaine Donaldson, Bryn Kenny, Melissa Betts
Marianna Levine, Elaine Donaldson, Bryn Kenny, and Melissa Betts
Anjelica Huston
Anjelica Huston
Sherry Dobbin, Jorn Weisbrodt
Sherry Dobbin and Jorn Weisbrodt
Stacy Engman, Lisa de Kooning, Andrey Bartenev
Stacy Engman, Lisa de Kooning, and Andrey Bartenev
Mark Ronson, Kylie Minogue
Mark Ronson and Kylie Minogue
Roger Ferris, Wendy Ferris
Roger and Wendy Ferris
Lisa Anastos, Shamim Momin
Lisa Anastos and Shamim Momin
Martin Cohn, Dmitry Komis
Martin Cohn and Dmitry Komis
Courtney Kennedy, Emily Ward
Courtney Kennedy and Emily Ward
Waris Ahluwalia
Waris Ahluwalia
Leading figures in the philanthropic community gathered on Sunday, August 22 at the third event in a series of Hamptons awards brunches created by Diversity Affluence, the New York-based consultancy specializing in marketing communication, research and business development.

Recognized for their commitment to elevating and supporting far-ranging issues including childhood development and education, the arts and aid to the indigent, Dwayne Ashley, Jacque-Philippe Piverger and Reginald Van Lee were among the honorees at the invitation-only event.
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
Honoree Reginald Van Lee
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
Richard N. Beattie of Jaguar
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
They joined an illustrious and diverse array of individuals honored on July 11 and July 25, respectively, from the worlds of media, entertainment, fashion and hospitality. The brunch series, presented by Jaguar to herald the new 2011 Jaguar XJ, celebrates individuals who have achieved success and advanced the diversity agenda in America. All three events were held at Dockers Waterside Restaurant & Marina, located on scenic Dune Road in East Quogue.
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
Honoree Jacques-Phillippe Piverger, Jennifer Hickman Piverger, Jacques-Maxime, and Soleil
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
Henry J. Watkins and Andrea Hoffman
Richard Beattie, Reginald Van Lee, Jacques-Philippe Piverger, Andrea Hoffman, Dwayne Ashley, Sharon Corrigan, and Bernard Jackson III
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
Soleil Piverger
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
Marvet Britto and Spencer Means
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
 Adam Rosante
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
Honoree Dwayne Ashley, Jocelyn Taylor, Demetria L. Lucas, Latoya Henry, and Dominga Martin
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
LaToya Henry, honoree Reginald Van Lee, and Jocelyn Taylor
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
Victoria and John Burson
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
Larry Dais, Andrea Hoffman, and Bernard Jackson III
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
Lidia Arriagada with Stefanie Taylor and Jocelyn Taylor
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
Jocelyn Taylor
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
A.J. Alfino & Florence Anthony
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
Paul Wilmot and Cookie Patten
The Evidence Board Jocelyn Taylor, Gail Monroe-Perry, Zaid
Richard N. Beattie, Princess Keisha Omilana, and Paul Wilmat
The stars were out Saturday this past Saturday afternoon in Flushing Meadows where they held the annual Arthur Ashe Kids' Day.

The Day event which always brings out great talent brought out the Jonas Brothers, as well as top sports names: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Kim Clijsters, Skateboard World Champion Tony Hawk, NFL star Marcus Allen and Laureus Award recipient and US Open Wheelchair champion Esther Vergeer. Singer/actress Demi Lovato, Shontelle and David Archuleta also performed.
This year the sponsors, Mercedes-Benz and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, used the event to support the launch of a national campaign that will include athletes as well as celebrity chefs to educate children about the importance of sports and nutrition.

There were plenty of pre-tennis match activities including the USTA SmashZone, free tennis clinics, interactive games, face painting and a concert featuring the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, and David Archuleta.  

The message coming to the kids across thecountry emphasizes sport and nutrition for fun and fitness. This event is yet one more effort that is helping to expand the US emphasis kicked off by First Lady Michelle Obama earlier this year, Let's Move, to eliminate childhood obesity. Many local efforts are also underway.  
Nick Jonas, Demi Lavato, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas
Michael Martinez, Cameron Quiseng, Zachary Porter, and Nathan Darmody
Lindsey Vonn
Bud Collins
Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon
Lindsey Vonn, Nathan Darmody, Cameron Quiseng, Nick Jonas, Demi Lavato, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Zachary Porter, Michael Martinez, and Shontelle
The Bryan Brothers
David Archuleta
Nick and Joe Jonas
Demi Lovata
The second Annual Ferrari Hamptons Rally took place this past Saturday where the fans of luxury and distinction gathered at Georgica Restaurant & Lounge after a rally through the Hamptons. Drivers told us that they were going 120 miles an hour on at least several routes – (where was the fire-brigade when we need them, those engines were burning).

As founder and host of the event, Nathaniel Christian is a Ferrari enthusiast and collector — the long time New York resident credits his passion and fondness for the history and craftsmanship of the vehicles as his inspiration for the event.

Young and old attended the after party with the drivers and guests who enjoyed a late afternoon fête, complete with specialty cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Mark your calendar the Ferrari Rally has been set for July 9th, 2011.
Drivers and Ferraris
Alexandra Brumbaugh, Emanuel Sylvano, Angela LaGreca, and Christina Brumbaugh
Alfred Shtainer
Andrew Chojnowski and Nitasha Ali
Charles Ferri
Jason Glass, Bryan and Lauran Mattson, and Israel Kinderman
Beth Lynch and Garrett Taylor
Dina Manzo
Jennifer Danzi, Pat Healy, Allisun Church
Dorian Dittrich
Marcus Shtainer and Daniel Davie
Marissa Dittmeier, Emanuel Sylvano, and Catrina Migliorino
Michael Wolf, Morgan Strain, and Armando Marrero
Phyllis and George Heilborn
Vanessa Berrios and Yulia Paul
Ranee Bartolacci-Meir
Rick and Jean McNamee, Roberta Berken, and Conrad Berenson
Vanessa Berrioa, Emanuel Sylvano, and Yulia Paul
Nathaniel Christian-Host
Pryan Silva and Natalia Gaebelein
Yelena and Brennan Higgins with Elena Organova

Photographs by Margot Jordan (Diversity Affluence); (Watermill, Ashe); Lisa Tamburini (Ferrari).
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